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Put pictures of Johannes Von Trapp and Father Wasner next to each other at similar ages.... up to you to judge.

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Q: Did maria von trapp have an affair with her priest?
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What sexes were maria von trapps children?

male Rupert von Trapp female Agathe von Trapp female Maria Franziska von Trapp male Werner Ritter von Trapp female Hedwig von Trapp female Johanna von Trapp female Martina von Trapp female Rosemarie von Trapp female Eleonore von Trapp male Johannes von Trapp

What is Maria von Trapp's birthday?

Maria von Trapp was born on January 26, 1905.

What is Louisa von Trapp's real name?

Maria Franziska Von Trapp

When was Maria Franziska von Trapp born?

Maria Franziska von Trapp was born on 1914-09-28.

How old was Maria von Trapp at death?

Maria von Trapp died on March 28, 1987 at the age of 82.

How old is Maria von Trapp?

Maria Kutschera von Trapp was born on January 26, 1905 and died on March 28, 1987. Maria von Trapp would have been 82 years old at the time of her death.Her stepdaughter Maria Franziska von Trapp was born September 28, 1914 and died on February 18, 2014 (age 99). Maria was the last surviving sibling in the von Trapp family, as portrayed in the musical The Sound of Music.

What did Maria Von Trapp bring with her to America?

her family.

What actors and actresses appeared in Die Trapp-Familie - 1956?

The cast of Die Trapp-Familie - 1956 includes: Michael Ande as Werner von Trapp Peter Capell as Ellis Island Officer Friedrich Domin as Gruber, Bankier Karl Ehmann as Diener Monika Ettrich as Martina von Trapp Ursula Ettrich as Rosemarie von Trapp Maria Holst as Prinzessin Yvonne Hans Holt as Baron von Trapp Liesl Karlstadt as Raphaela Ruth Leuwerik as Baronin Maria von Trapp Knut Mahlke as Rupert von Trapp Josef Meinrad as Dr. Wasner Joseph Offenbach as Samish Hans Schumm as Petroff Hilde von Stolz as Baroness Mathilde Angelika Werth as Hedwig von Trapp Monika Wolf as Maria von Trapp Ursula Wolff as Agathe von Trapp

The sound of music Characters?

The characters in Sound of Music are: Leisel Von trapp Frederick Von trapp Louisa Von trapp Briggita Von trapp Curt Von trapp Marta Vontrapp Gretel Von trapp Fraulein Maria The Captain

Is Duane Chase Curt in the sound of music the real grandfather of Maria Von Trapp's great grandchildren Sophia Justin Melanie and Amanda?

No, Duane Chase is not actually related to the real Maria von Trapp or the von Trapp family in any way.

Which kind of movie is sound of music?

It is based of a true story, the story of the Von Trapp family. There is a book written by the real Maria Von Trapp, called the Von Trapp family singers

Who starred in the film 'the sound of music'?

Maria von Trapp-Julie AndrewsCaptain Georg von Trapp-Christopher PlummerMax Detweiler-Richard HaydnBaroness Elsa Schraeder-Eleanor ParkerLiesl von Trapp-Charmian CarrFriedrich von Trapp-Nicholas HammondLouisa von Trapp-Heather MenziesKurt von Trapp-Duane ChaseBrigitta von Trapp-Angela CartwrightMarta von Trapp-Debbie TurnerGretl von Trapp-Kym KarathMother Abbess-Peggy WoodSister Margaretta-Anna LeeSister Berthe-Portia NelsonRolf-Daniel TruhitteHans Zeller, Gauleiter-Ben Wright