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George Mason

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Q: Who was jack Bauer boss in the second season?
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How many people has Jack Bauer killed on 24?

According to the Internet Movie Database, Jack Bauer has killed 224 people as of season 7. As of Episode 21 of Season 8, Jack Bauer has killed 260 people

Does teri bower die in 24 season 1?

Yes, Jack Bauer's wife Teri Bauer dies in the final episode of season 1 of "24."

Is jack Bauer in season 5 of 24?

Yes, what would 24 be without him

What African country did Jack Bauer go to in the prequel to season 7?


During which season of 24 are Jack Bauer's daughter and wife kidnapped?


Besides jack Bauer who is the only character to appear in every season?


Does Jack Bauer have a son?

No, the character of Jack Bauer only has a daughter, Kim Bauer.

When was Jack Bauer created?

Jack Bauer was created in 2001.

What is jack Bauer doing right now?

jack Bauer does not exist, keifer sutherland plays jack Bauer in 24

When did K. Jack Bauer die?

K. Jack Bauer died in 1987.

When was K. Jack Bauer born?

K. Jack Bauer was born in 1926.

What is Jack Bauer's middle name?

Jack Bauer is actually his original name.