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Q: Besides jack Bauer who is the only character to appear in every season?
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What tv series did Jack Bauer appear in?

Jack Bauer was the main character in 24, played brilliantly by Kiefer Sutherland.

Does Jack Bauer have a son?

No, the character of Jack Bauer only has a daughter, Kim Bauer.

How old is Trevor Bauer?

As of the 2014 MLB season, Trevor Bauer is 23 years old.

Does teri bower die in 24 season 1?

Yes, Jack Bauer's wife Teri Bauer dies in the final episode of season 1 of "24."

What character does Keifer Sutherland play in tv series 24?

keifer sutherland plays jack Bauer

Who was jack Bauer boss in the second season?

George Mason

How many people has Jack Bauer killed on 24?

According to the Internet Movie Database, Jack Bauer has killed 224 people as of season 7. As of Episode 21 of Season 8, Jack Bauer has killed 260 people

Is jack Bauer in season 5 of 24?

Yes, what would 24 be without him

What African country did Jack Bauer go to in the prequel to season 7?


During which season of 24 are Jack Bauer's daughter and wife kidnapped?


Why was Bill Buchanan killed in 24 and did Jack Bauer kill him?

Bill Buchanan is a fictional character in 24. Played by James Morrison, the character is the head of the Los Angeles Counter Terrorist Unit (CTU) from the fourth season to the sixth season, when he is forced to step down. Although the actor originally wrote on his official website that he would not be returning to the series for its seventh season, he said in August 2008 that he will be returning to the show after all.

Which actor plays the fictional character Eddie Baur?

There is no fictional character named Eddie Bauer. Eddie Bauer is the name of a department store dealing in high end clothing, shoes and home goods for both men and women.