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Q: Who was famous for portraying the character of Jagannath?
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Who was famous for portraying the character Benimadhab in Tiner Talwar?

utpal dutta

Who was famous for portraying the character of 'benimadhab in tiner talwar?

Utpal Dutta

What is Doink The Clown's real name?

Matthew Wade Osborne is the name of the person who is most famous for portraying the clown character. Some other people also portrayed that character but Matt is most famous.

Who built the famous Jagannath temple?

Langula Narashinha dev

Which famous celebrity was not born in Ireland?

Sean Connery is a Scottish actor and producer and is best known for portraying the character James Bond.

When was Jagannath University created?

Jagannath University was created in 2005.

What were the characters personal thoughts in the movie National Treasure?

Nic Cage was portraying a character?

What is Jagannath University's motto?

The motto of Jagannath University is 'শিক্ষা, ঈমান, শৃঙ্খলা'.

When was Jagannath Sitaram Akarte born?

Jagannath Sitaram Akarte was born in 1906.

When was Manda Jagannath born?

Manda Jagannath was born on 1951-05-22.

When was Jagannath Pahadia born?

Jagannath Pahadia was born on 1932-01-15.

When was Jagannath Sarkar born?

Jagannath Sarkar was born on 1919-09-25.