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I'm assuming that you mean for the WWE?

He had them professionally whitened at a dentist for the character that he was portraying.

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Q: How did Diamond Dallas page get his teeth so white?
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What is Diamond Dallas Page's birthday?

Diamond Dallas Page was born on April 5, 1956.

When was Diamond Dallas Page born?

"Diamond" Dallas Page is 61 years old (birthdate: April 5, 1956).

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Dallas Page goes by DDP, and Diamond Dallas Page.

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What is the full form of DDP?

DDP stands for Diamond Dallas Page. Page Joseph Falkinburg, Jr. better known by his ring name "Diamond" Dallas Page (DDP) is a retired American professional wrestler and actor. In the course of his wrestling career, which spanned two decades, Page has wrestled for World Championship Wrestling (WCW), World Wrestling Federation (WWF), and Total Nonstop Action Wrestling (TNA).

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Diamon Dallas Page is also known as Dallas Page is an American retired professional wrestler, fitness instructor and actor, best known for his tenures with WCW. He was born in 1956 with the name Page Joseph Falkenberg.

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