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Dave Evans, although he never recorded with them. He was replaced by Bon Scott.

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The very first singer of AC/DC was Dave Evens, however, he was only with them for a short time before Bon Scott Joined them. Bon Scott was who most people think was AC/DC's first singer.

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Q: Who was ac dc first lead singer?
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Where is the lead singer for acdc from?

The first lead singer of AC/DC, Dave Evans was from Australia as was their second singer, Bon Scott. Brian Johnson- their third and current singer is from Newcastle, England.

Bon Scott was the lead singer for which?

AC/DC as far as I know (prior to Brian Johnson.) He was the singer for the SPEKTOR'S, FRATERNITY and THE VALENTINE'S before joining AC/DC.

Who sung ac DC's tnt?

Bon Scott, many people think he was the original singer of AC/DC, but he was first AC/DC's bus driver.

Who was the first singer for ac-DC?

Dave Evans was the first singer of AC/DC, before they made fame, he was kicked out. Then it was Bonn Scott, he died from being so drunk that he passed out and choked off of his own vomit. Now the singer is Brian Johnson, who was the former lead singer of Geordie, he has been with AC/DC since 1980.

Who is the lead singer on thunderstruck?

AC/DC is the band that plays the song but the person that sings it is there lead singer Brian Johnson

Who ts the AC DC lead singer?

bon Scott was the first singer and upon his passing brian Johnson took over bon Scott was the first singer and upon his passing brian Johnson took over

Who is was in acdc origainlly?

Bon Scott who was the lead singer of AC/DC before he was replaced by Brian Johnson.

When did Alan McDonald play drums for Rush?

It was about at the same time that Donald Duck was lead singer for AC/DC..

When did Bon Scott join AC DC?

He joined AC/DC in 1973 after they fired there original lead singer Dave Evans.

Who is the former AC DC singer?

bon Scott

What are the names of the members of the band AC DC?

Brian Johnson- lead singer Angus Young- lead guitar Malcolm Young- rhythm guitar Phil Rudd- drums

Who is the new lead singer of acdc?

He's not exactly new, in fact he has been with ac/dc for almost 30 years. His name is Brian Johnson.