Who was Lady Gaga made from?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Lady Gaga was made from lady starlight. lady starlight said she made lady gaga famous and gave her the name.

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Q: Who was Lady Gaga made from?
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Has Lady Gaga made a film?

no lady gaga has not a made a cinematography......her real name is stefani giovanni.

Where did Lady Gaga get her glasses?

She has them made for her in House of GaGa

When was eh eh Lady Gaga made?

Lady gaga was always here in her heart.

When did Lady Gaga make her CD?

Lady Gaga made her new CD 'The Fame' in 2008

Where can you find Lady Gaga shops?

most likely lady gaga's clothes are being made for her

Have they made Lady Gaga fashion dolls yet?

No, they haven't made any Lady GaGa fashion dolls yet.

What is Lady Gaga's new song called with Katy Perry?

Lady Gaga has not made a song with Katy Perry.

Where was Lady Gaga video bad romance made?

In her studio Haus Of GaGa.

Who made the pokerface parody?

Lady Gaga did

Who made the lyrics to telephone?

lady gaga

Who made Judas the song?

lady gaga

Who is more famous Lady Gaga or 30 Seconds to Mars?

lady gaga