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Q: When was eh eh Lady Gaga made?
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Im lookin for an song dat goes every body say eh eh eh eh its not Lady Gaga?

It is Lady Gaga.

What is Lady Gaga's favorite dog?

Great danes, there in her Eh Eh and Pokerface videos

Are there any Lady Gaga jokes if so what are they?

What does lady gaga get when she's ill? Fever What's lady gaga favourite food? Dirty ice cream What does lady gaga say when she's confused? Eh eh What's lady gaga scared of? Monster What happens to lady gaga when she is happy? Speechless

I have something i love long-long by Lady Gaga?

But my friends keep ah-telling me that somthing's wrong - Eh, Eh by lady GaGa

Did Lady Gaga Go to Canada?

Yes!! And we are her favourite country EH EH!

What album is eh eh nothin else you can say on?

lady gaga-the fame.

What Lady Gaga song is the least?

Eh eh (theres nothin else i can say)

What was Lady Gaga third hit?

Depending on where you live In the U.S.A. it was Lovegame And UK was Paparazzi

Where can i buy the blue flowered quilt in Lady Gaga's music video for Eh Eh?

that is not purchasable

Who was Lady Gaga made from?

lady gaga was made from lady starlight. lady starlight said she made lady gaga famous and gave her the name.

Does Lady GaGa know how to ride a bike?

Yes. In her music video Eh, Eh. She rode a motorcycle.

How old is the song eh eh from lady gaga?

it's from her "the fame" CD, which came out on.... it was released in the September of 2008