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To find out who her husband is you need to finish reading mockingjay. But in truth her husband is going to be a person who went in The Hunger Games with her 2times and has a name that starts with a P and ends with an A. Yes her husband will be Peeta !!!!

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It never actually said what her father's name was.

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Peeta Mellark

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Q: Who was Katniss Everdeen's husband?
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What is katness everdeens?

Katniss Everdeens is the main charchter in the book trilogy The Hunger Games

What is Katniss Everdeens city?

district 12

Who are the last everdeens?

If you are talking about who are the last Everdeens to live, only Katniss and her mother survive throughout all three books.

What is Katniss Everdeens favorite song?

the meadow song (sung to prim) :)

Who is Katniss Everdeens formen mentor in Catching Fire?

Haymitch Abernathy.

What are Katniss Everdeens beliefs?

it never says if she is christian but it feels like she is

What is Katniss everdeens full name?

The book never says the full name of Katniss Everdeen.

Who are the last everdeens the hunger games?

Katniss and her mom are the only living everdeen

What are some of the Katniss Everdeens personality traits?

strong mental smart unhappy (sometimes) compassionate brave

What is katniss everdeens address?

A specified address was never mentioned in the book, but we know she lives in district 12's Victor's Village.

What is the plot structure of The Hunger Games movie?

Everything is told throught Katniss Everdeens (the main characters) eyes. As it happens. Very simple. :)

What was Katniss everdeens dad name?

His full name is unknown. Same with Katniss's mother