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Edwards mum was Elizabeth Masen and he was named after his father Edward Masen

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they were both in the hospital for the plague and she died of the plague but then carlisle saved edward before he died...

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Her name is Elizebeth Mason

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Q: Who was Edward Cullen's real mom?
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Edward tells Bella the last real birthday the Cullens celebrated was when?

the last real birthday the cullens celebrated was in 1935, emmetts birthday

Edward Cullens parents name?

Edward Cullen's dad name is Edward senior and Edward Cullen's mom name is Elizabeth

Edward Cullens cell number?

umm...hes not real you know......

What happenned to Edward Cullens real mother?

she died of the spanish influenza

What is Edwards cullens real parents named?

Edward's mother : Elizabeth Masen Edward's father :Edward Senior

What is rob pattison's real name?

Edward Cullens ( twilight star ) real name is Rob Pattison

What illness succumbed Edward Cullens real parents in the movie?

spanish influenza i think

Is Robert Pattionsons Edward Accent his real accent?

um no cuz hes british so edward cullens accent is fake,

What are the cullens?

In Twilight, the Cullens are Edward's (Robert Pattinson ) family.

Did one of the cullens get Bella tickets to see her mom with edward for her birthday?

Yes, Esme provided tickets for both Edward and Bella to visit Renee for Bella's birthday.

Who does Elizabeth Mason play in twilight?

Elizabeth Mason is Edward Cullens biological mom who died of Spanish influenza in 1918 in Twilight.

Which is edwerd Cullens city name?

Edward Cullens lives in Forks, Washington.