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well it had to be Emily that shot Caleb and killed "Nate St.Germain" the guy that supposedly killed mya.

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Its Jenna it says that in the teaser

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Q: Who was Caleb talking to on the phone on Pretty Little Liars?
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What is Caleb's name from pretty little liars?

Caleb's last name is Rivers

What is Caleb's last name from Pretty Little Liars?

Caleb's last name is Rivers

What did Caleb do in Pretty Little Liars?

He spied on Hanna for Jenna.

Was Caleb the one who killed Alison in Pretty Little Liars?


Who is the guy that Hanna keeps at her basement in Pretty Little Liars?


Did Caleb ever love Hanna in the Pretty Little Liars?

Yes, he does

Who Caleb is?

Caleb is also a character in the hit show PRETTY LITTLE LIARS. He is portrayed by Tyler Blackburn.

Is Caleb dating Hanna in Pretty Little Liars?

They've been dating.

Does Caleb die in Pretty Little Liars?

No.In the Pretty Little Liars book series, written by Sara Shepard, Caleb does not exist. He is a character that was created specifically for the television series that airs on "abc family". According to the television series, Caleb does not die... but it is uncertain of his fate at this current time. The best odds of figuring out his situation is to tune into the Pretty Little Liars television show!

Is Hannah boyfriend from pretty little liars gay?

In the TV show Pretty Little Liars, the character of Hannah's boyfriend, Caleb, is not gay. He is portrayed as a straight male in the series.

Does Hanna get with anyone in Pretty Little Liars?

caleb - cute bad boy turned good... ish

What is the song that plays when Hanna is crying with Caleb on Pretty Little Liars?

sit with me tonight -- garrison Starr