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Their Mom and Dad .

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Their dad

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Q: Who teaches Jonas Brothers to sing?
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What are the Jonas brother?

The Jonas Brothers Are A Popular Boy band. They Sing A Lot Of Songs. Their Newest Album Is Lines, Vines And Trying Times. Their Names Are Kevin, Joe and Nick Jonas. They Are Brothers (obviously) and They Also Have Another Younger Brother Called Frankie Jonas! Who's Nickname is The Bonus Jonas! The Jonas Brothers (band) Are Mainly A Disney Band But Sing Their Own Songs And A Few Cover songs. And They were In Camp Rock (a Disney Film)

Has Nick Jonas ever lip sang?

Actually none of the Jonas Brothers lip sync. They were taught by their father, who used to sing at churches. He taught them how to sing with their actual voices, but if you don't believe me buy a CD, and go to a concert. Then compare the differences.

Who is Frank Jonas?

He is the bonus Jonas!! Frankie is the Jonas Brothers' youngest brother, but Frankie can't join because he's 9 or 10 years old. n he cant sing n his to young

How did the Jonas Brothers get into the music industry?

The Jonas Brothers got into the music industry because of Nick Jonas, the youngest member. Nick was already a recording artist, and he was discovered in a barber shop. Someone heard him singing and signed him up with Columbia Records. Following, Columbia Records heard Nick sing with his brothers and finally, all three of them became the Jonas Brothers. Hollywood Records then finally heard them and signed them up. Hollywood Records made the Jonas Brothers famous like they are now.

Who plays the three singing cupids in Night of the Museum Battle of the Smithsonian?

Jonas Brothers yes, they sing Love Bug in the movie

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Who is Jones brothers like?

the Jonas brothers are 3 brothers who sing and have there own show. they are joe Jonas,nick Jonas, and Kevin Jonas?

Did the Jonas Brothers sing back up on Get Back?

yes they did demi did three part meaning she redid it 3 times so the first Jonas brothers sing it and the other one the Jonas brothers don't sing

What does Jonas brothers do together?


Is Jonas Brothers are coming to sing in Lithuania?

yes Jonas brothers are coming to Lithuania and they will live there

What do the Jonas brothers do?

sing some songs

Do the Jonas brothers sing summer love?


Does the Jonas brothers sing bop to the top?


Who do the Jonas brothers sing songs for?

Their fans!

Do the Jonas brothers sing backup in going to get caught?


Style of music Jonas brothers sing?


What will the Jonas brothers sing on Canadian tour?


What artist sing burning up?

the Jonas brothers