What are the Jonas brother?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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The Jonas brothers Are A Popular Boy band. They Sing A Lot Of Songs. Their Newest Album Is Lines, Vines And Trying Times. Their Names Are Kevin, Joe and Nick Jonas. They Are Brothers (obviously) and They Also Have Another Younger Brother Called Frankie Jonas! Who's Nickname is The Bonus Jonas! The Jonas Brothers (band) Are Mainly A Disney Band But Sing Their Own Songs And A Few Cover songs. And They were In Camp Rock (a Disney Film)

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a boy band that kids listen to who are famous on Disney

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Q: What are the Jonas brother?
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Is Frankie Jonas nick Jonas's brother?

Yes! Haven't you seen all the Jonas Brother's shows? Frankie is all of the Jonas Brothers' brother! (:

Is Joe Jonas a Jonas Brother?

Yes. Joseph Adam Jonas (better known as "Joe") is a Jonas brother

What is Frankie Jonas' favorite number?

he is the Jonas bonas the Jonas brother's little brother Frankie

How much is a Jonas brother?

hmm.. i am not sure that you can buy a Jonas brother..

Who is Jonas Brother's brother?

Nick Joe and Kevin Jonas have a third brother named Frank

Who is nickolas Jonas?

a Jonas brother

What is Nick Jonas's favioute brother?

Nick Jonas fav brother is Frankie Jonas.Their lil brother.

Do the Jonas Bothers have another brother?

Yes, a little brother, Frankie Jonas

What is the Jonas brothrs brother name?

They have a little brother called Frankie Jonas

Which is the oldest Jonas?

Kevin Jonas is the oldest Jonas Brother

Which Jonas brother sings I am what I am?

Joe Jonas and Nick Jonas!

Who is Nick Jonas's brother?

Kevin Jonas Joe Jonas Frankie Jonas