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I believe that the person that stole hannah's moms money was mona because Mona is A.

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Q: Who stole the money from Hanna's mom in Pretty Little Liars?
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How much does it cost to get messages from Pretty Little Liars?

no money

Who stole the money in Pretty Little Liars?

hannah's mom

Did noel take that money out of the lasagna box on pretty little liars?


Who is this blond hair man with Hanna's mother on Pretty Little Liars at the bank with the safety deposit box?

well you know the old women who hannas mum took money from well she died and the man was a con-man pretending to be her great nephew to get the money from the safety deposit box. hope that helped x

Who is paying out all the money to get rid of people on Pretty Little Liars?

esra fitz

Who took the money from Hanna's house off of Pretty Little Liars?

it was mona since mona is A

How does Caleb get his money from Pretty Little Liars?

His godmother sends him money. But, only because she is legally his gaurdian and is forced to by law.

Where can you watch old Pretty Little Liars episodes without taking a test or paying money?

if you have IO, go to the on demand menu, click free on demand, entertainment, abc family, pretty little liars. its free.

Does it cost money to get text from Pretty Little Liars?

As long as u have limited texts it won't cost

What did Hanna's mother do with the money on Pretty Little Liars?

Her mother gave it to the foreclosure company so they could keep the house.

What is the ending song on the episode Salt Meets Wound from Pretty Little Liars?

The Money Song - K.C. But the song can't be found anywhere :(

Who is the second a?

ezra fitzgerald he was pretty suspicious since he had all that money (remember jason's posters) and he has a typewriter just like a but we'll just have to see on the next episode of pretty little liars