Who starves in District 12?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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All of the people in District 12 are starving.

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Q: Who starves in District 12?
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Who starves in district 12 in the Hunger Games?

Well the books never actually say, but my guess is that a lot of people starved

What district does Katniss Everdeen live in?

Katniss Everdeen is from district 12, which is the coal mining district.

What district is Peeta Mellark from?

Peeta Mellark is from District 12.

What district is katnis and Peeta Mellark in?

District 12. In the real world, District 12 is located in the Applachain Mountains

When was Kyakhtinsky District created?

Kyakhtinsky District was created on 1923-12-12.

When was Selenginsky District created?

Selenginsky District was created on 1923-12-12.

When was Pribaykalsky District created?

Pribaykalsky District was created on 1940-12-12.

What is primrose home district?

district 12

What is district twelve in The Hunger Games?

There is no District 12...

What is the weakest district of panem?

District 12 is made to seem like the weakest district. The poverty in District 12 is far worse than any of the others.

What district is the poorest in the Hunger Games?

District 12

What is Carl Levin's district number?

District 12