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District 12's main export is coal. Here is a list of all of the Districts:

District 1: Luxury

District 2: Stonemasonry and Weapons

District 3: Technology

District 4: Fishing

District 5: Power (producing electricity and etc)

District 6: Transport

District 7: Lumber

District 8: Textiles

District 9: Grain

District 10: Livestock

District 11: Agriculture

District 12: Coal Mining

District 13: Graphite Mining and Nuclear Weapons

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coal mining

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Q: District 12 is known for the production of what?
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What is known for the production of the district on the book of hunger game?

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What do the 12 districts in the Hunger Games specialize in?

District 1 is known for its Luxury. District 2 is known for Granite, Peecekeepers, or Masonry. District 3 is known for Electronics. District 4 is known for Fishing. District 5 is known for DNA Research and Power. District 6 is known for Scientific Research and Transportation. District 7 is known for Lumber. District 8 is known for Textiles. District 9 is known for Electricity. District 10 is known for Livestock. District 11 is known for Agriculture. District 12 is known for Coal. District 13 is known for Graphite and Nuclear.

What is District 12 in The Hunger Games about?

it is known for coal mining

What was the Production Budget for District 9?

The Production Budget for District 9 was $30,000,000.

What district does Katniss Everdeen live in?

Katniss Everdeen is from district 12, which is the coal mining district.

What district is Peeta Mellark from?

Peeta Mellark is from District 12.

Who starves in District 12?

All of the people in District 12 are starving.

What district is katnis and Peeta Mellark in?

District 12. In the real world, District 12 is located in the Applachain Mountains

When was Kyakhtinsky District created?

Kyakhtinsky District was created on 1923-12-12.

When was Selenginsky District created?

Selenginsky District was created on 1923-12-12.

When was Pribaykalsky District created?

Pribaykalsky District was created on 1940-12-12.

What is primrose home district?

district 12