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Me'shell Ndegeocello

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Q: Who sings the song you made a fool of me from the movie love and basketball?
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Who sings fool in love?

Tina Turner

Who sings a Country song with im just a fool in love with a fool whos still in love with you in the lyrics?

LeeAnn Womack

Who sings fool in love its by a femle in the late 80s not Tina Turner lyrics mayb im a fool in love with sombody that dont even care mayb i shld jus give up im jus a fool in love mus b a fool in love?

Shut up Jezzabelle!

Who directed the movie love and basketball?

The 2000 movie, Love and Basketball, was directed by Gina Prince-Bythewood.

What year did the movie Love abd Basketball come out?

The movie, Love and Basketball, came out in April of 2000.

What year was love and basketball out?

The movie, Love and Basketball, came out in the year 2000.

When was love adn basketball made?

The movie, Love and Basketball, was made in April of 2000.

Who sings love oh love stop making a fool of me - the reggae cover version?

Deniece Williams

In Tyler Perrry's Daddy's Little Girls what is the name of the song playing while Monty and Julia are dancing in the club?

Beautiful by Me'Shell NdegeOcelloThis beautiful song is called Beautiful by Meshell Ndegecello. I do not believe it is on the movie's soundtrack. Meshell Ndegecello has another great song, You Made A Fool of Me, that was played in the movie Love and Basketball.

What songs are in love and basketball?

The movie "Love and Basketball" was released in 2000. Some of the songs in the movie are "It Takes Two", "I Like", "Love and Happiness", and "I'll Go".

Who sings do you love me that was in the dirty dancing movie?

"The Contours" ...

Why do most people like Love and Basketball?

Because it is a great movie about common interests - love and basketball.