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The movie "Love and Basketball" was released in 2000. Some of the songs in the movie are "It Takes Two", "I Like", "Love and Happiness", and "I'll Go".

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Q: What songs are in love and basketball?
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What were the names of the songs playing during the spring dance in love and basketball?

The Name Of The Song Is Just Got Paid by Johnny Kemp

ALL the songs played in the movie Love and Basketball not the soundtrack?

well you already have most of the songs you can find on the soundtrack but they dont show . Kool Moe Dee- I Go To Work Marvin Gaye - After The Dance

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What year was love and basketball out?

The movie, Love and Basketball, came out in the year 2000.

When was Love and Basketball released?

Love and Basketball was released on 04/21/2000.

What was the Production Budget for Love and Basketball?

The Production Budget for Love and Basketball was $15,000,000.

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