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Silas Bjerregård

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Q: Who sings the song to the Pandora adverts?
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Who sings the song that included the lyrics true blue dont fear the sound you know me?

The song is 'You Know Me' by Silas Bjerregaard! I found it myself a little while ago after hearing it on the Pandora adverts.

What is the song that the midnight beast sings on the E4 adverts?

Who cares what song they sing

Who sings lotto adverts song?

a pocketful of rainbows by Elvis

Who sings the song dominoes from the x box adverts?

Big Pink.

Who sings the song-alittle bit of this?

the artists name is Pandora

Who sings the tune that features in the most recent clarkes shoes adverts?

prefab sprout

What is the song from the recent Pandora commercial?

The song is Pandora by Silas Bjerregaard. (There's full versions of the ad and the song on YouTube).

What is rhianas favorite song that she sings?

her faxourite song she sings is umbrella her faxourite song she sings is umbrella

Who sings a song called Our Song?

Taylor Swift sings Our Song.

Who sings the song Lowrider?

-War sings that song.

Which song mentions garry newman's eyes?

'Gary Gilmore's Eyes' is a song by The Adverts.

Who sings the song secrets?

One Republic sings the song Secrets. They also sings the song Stop and Stare which it is a good song.