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Charlene Licera sings the song "Shake" in the movie "Gotta Kick it Up."

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Q: Who sings the song shake in gotta kick it up?
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Who sings the shake it up song on shake it up from Disney?

Selena Gomez sings it

Who sings the opening song on Shake It Up?

Selina Gomez sings "Shake it up'' which is the opening song for the Disney channel show 'shake it up'

Who is the singer of the song Shake that thing gotta gotta shake that thing?

The song that has the lyrics "shake that thing" in it, is titled Shake It. It is performed by Metro Station and was released in 2007 off the album titled Metro Station.

Who sings the song the shake?

Neil McCoy

Who sings Shake It Up's theme song?

Selena Gomez sang the theme song for Disney Channel's "Shake It up"

Who sings the shake it up theme song on shake it up?

Selena Gomez

Who sings the shake it up song?

Selena Gomez does

Who sings the song for shake it up?

Selena Gomez

Who sings the song with the lyrics shake shake on me come on shake that ass on me?

Its Honorebel Featuring Pitbull & the Jump Smokers, song name is Now You See It

Who sings what parts in gotta be you?

LiamHarryZaynLiamNiall & Louis didn't sing in the song

Who sings the theme song of shake it up?

Selena Gomez

Who sings the 2014 song Shake It Off?

Taylor Swift