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It's been covered by dozens of people and groups, but the group Gold City's version is one of the most popular.

Originally, it was a Southern Gospel Christian song written by brothers Chuck and Greg Day. Yes it was first recorded by The Gold City Quartet (Brian Free, Ivan Parker, Mike LeFevre, Tim Riley) with Ivan Parker singing lead on the Album 1987 Movin' Up(Riversong Records/RO 2386) . The song was number one on the Singing News Chart from January-June, 1988. It was also the Song of the Year in 1988. Ivan Parker who now has a solo career is most Identified with the song in the Southern Gospel Market. He has sung the song in several of Bill Gaither's Homecoming videos.

In 1989, the Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir recorded the song with Michael English singing solo with the choir. It became popular in the Contemporary Christian market as will as in the African American Gospel market. Also they released a studio version. That version also became and still a very popular solo sound track with Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir singing background.

Recently, Aaron, Adam, & Jason Crabb have recorded the song, both together and as soloist. Also since the Gaither Vocal Band has reunited, they are performing the song with this Quintet

  • Michael English -- Lead
  • David Phelps -- First tenor
  • Mark Lowry -- Baritone
  • Wess Hampton -- Second tenor
  • Bill Gaither -- Bass

Finally, Alvan Slaughter (former soloist with the Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir) included the song on his 1997 album Yesrecorded live at New Song Fellowship in Brentwood, Tennessee.

iTunes most popular download of Midnight Cry is the Gold City Quartet and Michael Englis.

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Clay Crosse sings a beautiful version.

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Q: Who sings the song The Midnight Cry?
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