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Nickelback has a version and so does Hannah Montana

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Q: Who sings the song Rockstar?
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Name of the first song that Miley Cyrus sings in the 3d concert?

Rockstar Rockstar

Who sings the song 'I want to live like a rockstar hang out in the coolest bars wake up naked in a hotel room find a pole to wrap your car around'?

Not sure if it is the song you are talkig about, but Nickelback sings a Rockstar song.

When was Rockstar - Nickelback song - created?

Rockstar - Nickelback song - was created in 2005.

When was Rockstar - Poison song - created?

Rockstar - Poison song - was created in 2001.

When was Rockstar - Dappy song - created?

Rockstar - Dappy song - was created on 2012-02-26.

What is the song with lyrics Cos im a rockstar?

"Rockstar" by Prima J

Who sings in the herba essence tousle me softly cermercail?

Rockstar (30s)

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When was the song rockstar written?

miley's song rockstar was written on 15th may 2008 by one of the song writters.. it was written for miley for the Disney show Hannah Montana..

Hannah Montana rockstar?

I know theres a song sang by her rockstar, but shes actually a popstar!

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