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Mario (Featuring Gucci Mane and Sean Garrett)

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Message me x

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aly & a.j.

good song btw

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Q: Who sings the potential break up song?
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Who sings the song Break it down on Shake It Up?

kyrn christina

Is potential break up song about Joe Jonas?

No, it's not.

Who sings the song in daddy's little girls when monty is home alone and wants to call Julia after they break up?

chuck norris.

Who sings the shake it up song on shake it up from Disney?

Selena Gomez sings it

What is a good break up song?

Taylor Swift sings some good ones Also Forgive Me by Nataly is a great one! I <3 it!

Who sings the song shake in gotta kick it up?

Charlene Licera sings the song "Shake" in the movie "Gotta Kick it Up."

Who sings the opening song on Shake It Up?

Selina Gomez sings "Shake it up'' which is the opening song for the Disney channel show 'shake it up'

Who sings the jerseylicious song?

Olivia the make-up artist at the Gatsby Salon sings the theme song

Who sings the song eat you up?


Who sings the song hung up?


Who sings the song that starts I know up and down I know up and down?

preety ricky sings that

Who sings the song on discovery home and health for the ad about Jon and Kate and their break up?

Fisher - "Beautiful Life". I was wondering the same thing, and eventually found the answer!