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I believe it is B-Real.

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Q: Who sings scandalous with psycho realm?
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What kind of music does Psycho Realm make?

Psycho realm makes hiphop music. They are an American supergroup that includes Joaquin Gonzalez and Gustavo Gonzalez. Their first ever song was titles scandalous.

Who sings the song Latino stand up?

Pit bull, sinful & psycho realm

When was Psycho Realm created?

Psycho Realm was created in 1989.

When was The Psycho Realm created?

The Psycho Realm was created on 1997-10-28.

What happened to TRT from the psycho realm?


Who sings Psycho Teddy?

composed by Michael Mushiga and Dion Howell They composed it but the artist name is Psycho Teddy.

Who sings the song so scandalous from soul eater?

Iwasaki Taku. (his English is really good, isn't it?)

Who song is sampled in la conecta part 1 by psycho realm?

Ralphi Pagan- Porque me dejaste

What are the psycho-physical changes following an extraordinary encounter?

Psycho-physical changes following an extraordinary encounter tend to be outside of the usual realm of human reactions. These experiences can be completely transformative, changing a person's personality or physicality.

What is the list of colors that start with Psycho?

The list of colors that start with Psycho are: Psycho Red Psycho Black Psycho Blue Psycho Yellow Psycho Pink Psycho Silver Psycho Green Psycho Purple Psycho Orange Psycho Crimson Psycho Navy Psycho White Psycho Gold Psycho Teal Psycho Brown Psycho Indigo Psycho Saffron Psycho Amethyst Psycho Vermilion Psycho Chartreuse Psycho Magenta Psycho Viridian Psycho Burgundy Psycho Powder Psycho Scarlet Psycho Cyan Psycho Azure Psycho Lavender Psycho Gray Psycho Beige Psycho Cerulean Psycho Slate Psycho Cobalt Psycho Gunmetal Psycho Copper Psycho Bronze Psycho Khaki Psycho Citrine Psycho Maroon Psycho Olive Psycho Peach Psycho Cream Psycho Sangria Psycho Plum Psycho Emerald Psycho Cerise Psycho Mauve Psycho Moccasin Psycho Aquamarine Psycho Pearl Psycho Turquoise Psycho Platinum Psycho Tan Psycho Bittersweet Psycho Periwinkle Psycho Sapphire Psycho Fuchsia Psycho Dark Green Psycho Mahogany Psycho Sea Green Psycho Claret Psycho Lime Psycho Amber Psycho Ecru Psycho Taupe Psycho Tawny Psycho Lilac Psycho Ochre Psycho Sepia Psycho Celadon Psycho Rust Psycho Orchid Psycho Ash Psycho Steel Psycho Sky Psycho Burnt Orange Psycho Brick Psycho Caramel Psycho Marigold Psycho Burnt Sienna Psycho Verdigris Psycho Indochine Psycho Carmine Psycho Linen Psycho Goldenrod Psycho Butterscotch Psycho Heliotrope Psycho Dark Gray Psycho Harlequin Psycho Amaranth Psycho Ultramarine Psycho Royal Blue Psycho Garnet Psycho Ebony Psycho Ivory Psycho Thistle Psycho Jade Psycho Auburn Psycho Sienna Psycho Umber Psycho Cadet Blue Psycho Dark Brown Psycho Orange Peel Psycho Hunter Green Psycho Coral Psycho Salmon Psycho Avocado Psycho Wisteria Psycho Persimmon Psycho Apricot Psycho Brass Psycho Ruby Psycho Mint Psycho Forest Psycho Aubergine Psycho Hazel Psycho Topaz Psycho Bisque Psycho Spring Psycho Rainbow

What is the adjective of scandal?

Scandal in adjective form is scandalous. It was a scandalous affair.

What is a sentence for scandalous?

he suiced himself after he did scandalous thing.