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Wyatt White sings the theme song

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Q: Who sings Zack ryder new theme?
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What is Zack ryder new theme called?

it is called 'oh radio'

Who sang zack ryder new theme?

Watt White and Jim Johnston

Where was Zack Ryder born?

He was born in Merrick,New York.

Which WWE superstars live in new york?

Yes there are Ashley,jtg,and shad

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Who sings the theme to the the new dancing on ice advert 2013

Who sings john cena's new theme song?

John Cena sings his all theme songs.

Who won the Great American Bash on Super Smackdown?

Zack Ryder(new acting general manager of Smackdown)

Who sings legacy's new theme?

Adelita's Way

Who sings new taggart theme?

Karina Smillie

Who sings Victoria's new theme song?

Goldylocks sings "Broken" - Tara in TNA.

How sings Kanes new theme song?

Kane new 2009 theme is just 1990s scary music.

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Living Colour