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the mother and father both should do the role of bringing up the child as it is equally important for the child to have both parents here for him/her

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Q: Who should do the role of bringing up children and why?
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Who should do the role of bringing up children?

Personally i think women are a perfect figure to raise or bring up children because women have the heart ,the love and patience to tolarate any childs much as man think they have the ability to raise children but they do not quilify for the job or responsibility.

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No - if you are separated and he has visitation, you cannot stop him from bringing whomever he wants when picking up the children unless you can prove that she somehow is a danger to the children.

What is the role of the mother in character building?

A mother has the most important role in bringing up a child and moulding the character. She guides and teaches the child, manners and etiquette, discipline,and religious matter to build up his/her character. Sadly, this is lacking as most mothers are busy with jobs and children get neglected.

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Some do, others do not. It depends on how they are bringing their child up.

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