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The Rebel Rousers

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Q: Who sang the song The Ballad of Archie Who?
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Who sang the son The Ballad of Archie Who?

The singer was Murray Kellum. My father and uncle own Malaco Studios in Jackson MS where the song was recorded.

What is the title of the song johnny cash sang about an Indian that fought in a war?

the ballad of ira hayes

What was the ballad song called that Gabrielle sang in High school musical 2?

it is gotta go my own way

What recent indie ballad sang by females starts out with a piano and some bums and ends with a repeated lyric his love alive?

winter song

What kind of song in over the rainbow?

The song titled Over the Rainbow, is considered to be a ballad. It is most famous for being one of the songs that Judy Garland sang in the movie The Wizard of Oz.

Who sang the ballad of Crazy Horse sometime in the 70's?

J. D. Blackfoot.....the song lasts twenty minutes or more.....tremendous work.

Who sing lead on the sylvers song storybook girl?

Foster Sylvers sang lead on this tremendously underrated old-school soul classic ballad.

Bands that sang the ballad of gilligans island?


Who sang Ballad of Davy Crockett?

The first recording of the song was made by Fess Parker, quickly followed by versions by Bill Hayes and Tennessee Ernie Ford.

Jim Davidson the comedian sang a ballad with his son on stage what was it?

The song was 'Father And Son'. and I would love to see a video of this as it made me name my son Cameron

Who sang the original song leron leron sinta?

because they got idea about love so that they form their idea to a song and they named the song leron leron sinta

Who sang the ballad of the red baron?

Royal guardsmen-1966