What is a sentimental song called?

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Q: What is a sentimental song called?
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When was Sentimental - Porcupine Tree song - created?

Sentimental - Porcupine Tree song - was created in 2007.

When was Sentimental Lady - Duke Ellington song - created?

Sentimental Lady - Duke Ellington song - was created in 1943.

A slow romantic sentimental song is a?


The Miles Davis song played at the end of The younger woman episode?

its not miles Davis its duke elington and john coltrane. song is called In a sentimental mood.

Why would a song be considered sentimental?

Any song could be considered sentimental if it reminds you of a special time. A moment that was very happy, sad, important to you and you heard the song atthe same time.

Who sang the R and B song sentimental?

Deborah Cox

Is the phrase Sentimental Journey copyrighted?

The song "Sentimental Jouney" is under copyright, the phrase sentimental journey is not because names, titles, and common words/phrases are not eligible for copyright protection.

What do you call something of sentimental value?

Something that has sentimental value to you is called 'junk' by everyone else.

What is sentimental music?

Sentimental music is music that triggers an emotional response. If a child seems happier or sadder when listening to the Barney song then that music is sentimental to that child. Say you and your mate loved a particular song, a song that in time made both of you feel better, happier, and in time it made you also feel nostalgic. Then if you lose that mate, the song may have the opposite effect, making you feel sad. In each case the song is sentimental but depending on circumstance can cause a different emotional response.

What actors and actresses appeared in For Sentimental Reasons - 1947?

The cast of For Sentimental Reasons - 1947 includes: Dick Leibert as Organ Player The Song Spinners as Singers

What band performed the song 'Sentimental Journey'?

Les Brown. The vocal was by Doris Day.

Which woman sang sentimental journey?

I think Doris Day sang the song in the move

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