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Q: Who sang the song Oh its so nice to be with you?
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Who sang oh it's so nice to be with you?


Who sang the song with the lyrics oh joey if youre hurting so am i?

Concrete Blonde

Who sang Oh Maureen Dear to the tune Londonderry air?

Who sang the song Oh Maureen Dear to the tune of Londonderry air? The words started Oh Maureen Dear I'm sad so sad and lonely (i think)

Who sang the song marge?

Do you mean the song "Margie?" If so, Cab Calloway sang it.

What is the name of the song that says It's so nice to be insane no one ask you to explain?

Helen Reddy sang the song: Angie Baby.The lyrics and Helen Reddy singing the song can be found on youtube.

Who sang the album from the 50s that had Rudy Vallee's Oh Ma-Ma on it?

It that the one that goes, "Oh Ma-Ma, to me you are so beautiful ..." Rosemary Clooney, Perry Como and Dean Martin sang it. It was said that Dean Martin often had a request from a not so famous mob boss to sing this song. Actually you may also be thinking of Oh, My Papa" by Eddie Fisher.

Is Jennette mccurdy a good singer?

Oh my god !!!!!!!! Yah daa she is she is way better then Miranda and so close her song rules i wish i sang like her.

What song did Niall Horan sing on his first audition?

Ne-Yo - So Sick.

Who sang the song cherish?

Well, Madonna has a song called Cherish... So does Mariah. But Madonna's Cherish is much more famous... Oh though Glee Also covered a mash up of both versions

Who sang the song I told you so?

Randy Travis did a song by that title in 1988.

Who sang the song so fine?

Howard johnson

Who sang the song so into you?

The Atlanta Rhythm Section