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Heartbeat. By Taana Gardner

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Q: Who sang the song heartbeat you make me feel so weak?
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Who sang the song i can feel your heartbeat?

Enrique iglesias ft Nicole scherzinger

Who sang the song you feel like dancing dancing?

It is not Leo sayer! Leo Sayer sang "you make me feel like dancing", "you feel like dancing" is sung by the Scissor Sisters.

Who sings to make you feel my love?

Adele and Bryan Ferry have both professionally sang 'Make You Feel My Love' but Rebecca Ferguson from the X-Factor also sang this song unprofessionally. - Shannon Grace -

Who sang the song Feel Good?


What song does britney spears sing with Michael Jackson?

She was a guest for one of his concerts. She sang "The Way you Make Me Feel" with him.

Who sang the song you make me feel like a natural woman?

It was made a hit by Aretha Franklin. It was written by Carole King.

Who sang the backing song for Lauren got to dance semi final Sky 1?

adele- make me feel your love

Who sings the song heartbeat you make me feel so weak?

The singer is Taana Gardner. The well known version is the club mix by Larry Levan.

Who sang the song Make A Difference?

The Highwaymen sang the song 'Songs That Make A Difference.' One can also find accurate lyrics of this song on metrolyrics as they are famous for their lyrics.

What was the song that they sang in Anger Management movie to calm down?

I feel pretty

Who sang the song oh laurie you make you feel as if you've been born again?

it was the Alessi brothers in 1977 and it's oh Lori

Is our heartbeat affected by music?

yes. your heartbeat is effected by music because if your listening to a high beat song and you feel like getting up and dancing you feel your heartbeat begin to rise. Then if your listening to a slow beat song right after that your heartbeat begins to fall and you fell relaxed. These things are the exact opposite of each other! and also you have a sense of rhythm and it moves you heart up and down.

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