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Allan Sherman-1963

the name of the song is: "Hello Mudduh, Hello Fadduh (A Letter From Camp)"

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Q: Who sang the song Camp Granada?
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Who first sang the song Granada?

Agustin Lara first sang this song in 1932

What song does Mitchie sing on Camp rock?

demi sang this is me and sang this song called who will i be

What board game company released the Camp Granada children's board game in 1965?

The board game Camp Granada was based on the Allan Sherman novelty song Hello Muddah, Hello Faddah. The board game Camp Granada was released by Milton Bradley Company.

What is the song that camp rock 2 sang at the final jam?

Camp Rock sang "What We Came Here For," and Camp Star sang "Tear It Down." Hope this helped!

How many songs did Demi Lovato sing on the camp rock soundtrack?

4 songs Indivuial songs: Who Will I Be Song Sang With Joe Jonas: This Is Me Song Sang with the Camp Rock Cast: We Rock Song Sang with Aaryn Doyle & Meaghan Jette Martin: Our Time Is Here

When was Granada CF created?

Granada CF was created in 1931.

Which of the one direction stars sang let me entertain you on stage at a hoiday camp?

Liam Payne sang the song let me entertain you on stage at a holiday camp.....

What is the name of the song that Margaret Dupree sang in camp rock 1?

Here I am

Does the song 'This Is Me' from Camp Rock belong to Demi Lovato?

Technically, no. It was a song that was made that Demi had to learn. She was the one who sang it on Camp Rock, so I guess you could say that "This Is Me" is her song.

What is the name of the song in camp rock 2 that camp star performs at the final jam I watched the movie but didn't get the name of the song that camp star sang at the final jam?

Tear it down :)

Who is the girl who sang with joe Jonas in concert to a camp rock song?

demi lovoto

What is the title of the song Nick Jonas sang for a girl in Camp Rock2?

the song is called "Introducing Me". hope this answers your question.