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Q: Who sang paint it black in heartbeat?
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Who sang the song heartbeat you make me feel so weak?

Heartbeat. By Taana Gardner

Who sang Heartbeat It's a lovebeat?

DeFranco Family in 1973

Who sang the song i can feel your heartbeat?

Enrique iglesias ft Nicole scherzinger

Did the doors sing paint it black?

It's possible they sang it some time in concert, but it was written by Mick Jagger and Keith Richards and was a hit for The Rolling Stones.

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What happens if you put red paint pink paint green paint purple paint orange paint yellow paint turquoise paint and a little bit of black paint together?


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Paint your Wagon

What was the song that the black eyed peas sang at the AMA?

The Black Eyed Peas sang Time of My Life at the AMA.

When was Paint It Black - novel - created?

Paint It Black - novel - was created in 2006.

Who sang black biddy?

If you are talking about Black Betty then its Spiderbait

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