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Q: Who sang if it feels this good being used?
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What does huh in Lady Gaga love game mean?

It doesn't mean "feels good". It is being used instead of the vulgar word for penis.

Sentence with JOVIALLY used in it?

The good-hearted carolers sang and laughed jovially.

If your vagina feels like its briused is that bad?

Its just your vagina is not used to penis being shved up it

What does it feel like when your penis enters a vagina?

it feels so good but if you're not used to it it will be painful

What song and who sang it has the line oh baby you. you got what i needits being used in a drunk driving commercial?

Mario's Just a Friend.

What chemical is used to test the purity of opium?

You can eat and if u feels good it means its

Did Rupert Grint ever have a crush on Emma Watson?

He used to but he know feels she is like his sister.

What does a exclamation mark mean after the word no problem?

It's used to indicate strong feelings so being used after "no problem" indicates that the person feels strongly that it's not a problem.

Who sang you used to rule the world?


Who sang who are youI think its a theme for an American drama serial?

The Who sang "Who Are You" and it is used in one of those CSI shows.

What causes a Golden retriever to be randomly aggressive toward only dogs?

maybe that golden retriever feels intimidated by the other dogs and or is not used to being around other dogs but it feels normal to be around people or other animals and does not get aggressive

What simile is used to describe feels rough?

The simile "rough as sandpaper" is commonly used to describe something that feels rough.