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A girl?

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Q: Who plays the wife in the Jake from state farm commercial?
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Is the actress from the red robin commercial the same person in state farm Jake?

no, the State Farm acress is Caryne Shea

Who plays Melinda in the new State Farm commercial?

State Farm agent Malinda Zampera played herself in the commercial.

Who is the actor who plays the husband in the Jake from State Farm commercial?

Justin Campbell

Are the state farm its Jake commercial and the McDonald's egg white muffin the same?


Who is the actor who plays Jimmy in state farm commercial?

State Farm has not released the name of the actor who plays Jimmy in their commercial. However, his grandmother is rumored to be played by Barbara Sharma.

Is Jason Segel in the State Farm commercial?

NO,the name of the actor in the State Farm commercial is Justin Campbel. He also plays in The Hurt Locker.

Who stars in the state farm commercial Jake state of unrest?

Justin Campbell is not correct. Justin plays the husband. The person playing "Jake" is not a professional actor, but an actual State Farm employee named Jake Stone who works in the State Farm Call Center in Normal, IL. He also works in a Normal bar called Pub II where the khakis from the commercial hang on the wall. A little online research will confim this.

Who plays Kevin's mom in the state farm ins commercial?


Who plays Jessica on the state farm commercial?

Jessica de clercq

Does Melanie Paxson play the wife in the Jake state farm commercial?

No, watch her Fiber One Commercial & this commercial back to back for proof it's NOT her.

Who is the actor that plays Dave on the state farm hot-tub commercial?


Who plays the character Keisha in the State Farm Kicked Out commercial?

Keisha Hall