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NO,the name of the actor in the State Farm commercial is Justin Campbel. He also plays in The Hurt Locker.

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Q: Is Jason Segel in the State Farm commercial?
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Who is the blond actress in the state farm shopping commercial?

The blond actress in the State Farm Shopping commercial is Megan Stevenson. She is an actress and has starred in the movies, Review, Holly's Holiday, and Cavemen.

Was Ricky ullman on a state farm commercial?

Yes, the character from "Phil of the future" was on a state farm commercial .

Who are the agents in the state farm commercial?

In the State Farm commercial with the Buffalo, it is Greg Kurtenbach out of Gibson City, IL

Is kaley cuoco in state farm commercial?

As of September 2014, Kaley Cuoco is not currently in a State Farm commercial. The blond actress shopping for a purse in the current State Farm commercial is Megan Stevenson.

Who plays Melinda in the new State Farm commercial?

State Farm agent Malinda Zampera played herself in the commercial.

Who is the boyfriend in the new state farm commercial?

The boyfriend in the new State Farm commercial is actor Kevin Mimms.

Who are the black actors featured in the State Farm Insurance Dap Commercial 2010?

who is the actress in the state farm commercial dating a french modle

Who sings the state farm commercial like a good neighbor state farm is there?

Barry Manilow

What is the song of state farm commercial?

Like a good neighbor, State Farm is there!

Where is the state farm commercial with the leprechaun?

under the rainbow

Where can you get the red handbag in the state farm commercial?


Who is the agent in state farm commercial with the black couple?

Yvonne Solis. She is a State Farm agent in Los Angelos.