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America Ferrera, but people say that it is going to be Angela Bartys for the next upcoming movies. I don't know why she can't be Fawn anymore. I wish i knew, I prefer her instead of this Angela.

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America Ferrara plays Fawn in the 2008 Disney film "Tinker Bell".

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the fairy with orange clothes nd light brown hair

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America Ferrera

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Q: Who plays the voice of Fawn in Tinkerbell?
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How can you get silk from Fawn on the Tinkerbell DS game?

you can't

Who plays fairy Mary in Tinkerbell?

Jane Horrocks does the voice of Fairy Mary.

Who are tinkerbell's friends?

Tinkerbell's friends are Silvermist, Vidia, Rosetta, Iridessa and Fawn who are all different talents.

What is the name of Tinkerbell's friend with the long brown platted hair?


Is coraline a tomboy?

Tinkerbell is not a tomboy but her friend Fawn is.

Who plays Silvermist in Tinkerbell?

Lucy Liu plays as Silvermist in Tinkerbell.

What is the famous Disney fairy?

Tinkerbell is the most famous but there are also some more. Rosetta,Iridessa,Silvermist and Fawn. Fawn is my fave! Who is yours?

Who is Tinkerbell's voice?

Mae Witman

What is Tinkerbell's pink friend?

Rosetta-pink Iridessa-Yellow Fawn-Orange Silvermist-Blue

What does fawn fairy do?

Fawn is the fairy from tinkerbell, Fawn is an animal fairy, so she takes cares of all the animals (eg. feeds them, leads them to their migration spot, teaches them how to survive etc.) she loves animals.

Who was fawn in gnomeo and juliet?

Ozzy Osbourne provided the voice of Fawn .

Who is iridessa in Tinkerbell?

Raven Symone plays Iridessa in Tinkerbell