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Charlie Hunnam.

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Q: Who plays jax in sons of anarchy?
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What is the song called in sons of anarchy's season 2 episode 1 during jax shower?

The song that plays durimg Jax shower in season two episode one of Sons of Anarchy is called "Girl from North Country" by Lions.

How much is the cast of sons of anarchy paid?

Each actor in the cast of Sons of Anarchy is paid a different amount. Charlie Hunnam who plays Jax is one of the highest paid actors in television.

In Sons of Anarchy whose documents are being hidden or discovered?

Jax father.

Is Jax Teller going to die in Season 3 of Sons of Anarchy?

No he is the main protagonist and the show is following hamlet. Jax will not die.

What is jax tellers real name?

Jackson Nathaniel "Jax" Teller is a fictional character. Played by British actor Charlie Hunnam, in 'Sons of Anarchy.' '

How tall are the handlebars on Jax's bike in Sons of Anarchy?

12" T-Bar with the arlin ness fairing

What is the actor who played gil grissom on csi doing?

narrating Sons Of Anarchy, as the dead father of Jax

Who is tombstone was jax sitting on in final episode of sons of anarchy?

he was sitting on his little brothers tombstone, who died when he was born from a heart defect.

Is there a copy of the journal that Jax is reading on Sons of Anarchy?

i really hope so ive been searching for john teller and jax teller journals all day i post the little pieces and qoutes from them as i find them

Who plays Mr pope in sons of anarchy?

Harold Perrinue

What actor plays clay on sons of anarchy?

Ron Pearlman

Who plays clays wife in sons of anarchy?

Katey Segal