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Her name is Samantha Puckett.(on iCarly)Her real name is Jennete McCurdy.(in real life)

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Jennette McCurdy. :)

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Q: Who plays Sam Pucket on iCarly?
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What is Sam off of iCarly name?

Jennette Mccurdy plays Sam on iCarly. And her name on icarly is Sam Pucket!

Is zaplook from iCarly real?

Love you sam pucket :*

What is Sam's name on iCarly real name?

Samantha Pucket

Who in iCarly harasses people the most?

sam(samantha) pucket

What is sams name in iCarly?

Jennette mcCurdy aka sam pucket

Does sam pucket ever get pregnant because of Freddie?

if ur talking about icarly...then no

Who is Sam pettit?

sam pittit is not a real name her name is sam pucket but that's only her name on icarly

What does sam pucket on icarly do after she leaves iwin a date?

she goes downstares and eats a ham

What is sams last name in iCarly?

Her Name is Samantha puckett, Her friends call her Sam for short, and she's played by Jennette murcurdy. sorry if i spelt it wrong. plz correct my spelling. JUST SPELLING PLZ.

Which icarly star fought with Shane Dawson?

Jennette mccurdy (Sam pucket) she said he was cussing and blah blah blah

Who plays Jake on iCarly?

sam did

Who would win Sam Pucket from iCarly or 3 Cops?

the three cops would win considering the fact that she has been to jail twice so far!