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Jeff Hardy's theme song is done by himself and Dave Oliver.

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Q: Who plays Jeff hardys theme song resseructed?
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Who plays Jeff Hardy's first WWE theme?

Zack Tempest because The Hardys Theme was his first theme

Who sings Jeff hardys theme?


Can you download Jeff Hardy's theme on your iPod?

Jeff hardys theme can be found on

Who sings Jeff hardys tna theme snong?

Jeff Hardy

What is Jeff Hardys new theme song?

Another me

Where can you find Jeff Hardys theme music?


Who sings Jeff hardys theme no more words?


What is Jeff hardys new tna theme called?


Whats Jeff hardys theme?

Jeff Hardy's current TNA theme is Another Me, which he co-composed with Dale Oliver.

Jeff hardys new entrance theme?

No more words by endeverafter

What is Jeff hardys tna theme song called?

it calls modest

Where can you download Jeff Hardys theme music from wwe?

download limewire