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Shianne Jordan of corse!!!

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Callie Watts

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me maggi

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Q: Who is Jeff hardys number 1 fan?
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Who is Jeff hardys number one fan?

The answer of this is a matter of opinion, as is the #1 fan of anyone.

Who is Jeff hardys girl friend?

He is currently with Beth Britt and they have 1 child.

What is Jeff hardys real email address?

I HAVE 2JeffhardywasbetterinTNA@wwe.comJNHenigma8037@aim.comI Dont know the real 1 or if 1 of those are it.Neither of those are Jeff Hardy's email address! those are posers

What is Matt hardy favorit number?

Matt hardys favorit number is 1. Cause he calls him self version 1.

How old is Jeff hardys daughter?

She is about 4 months old. She was born on October 28, 2010.

Who is Cher lloyeds number 1 fan?

Cher Lloyd's number 1 fan is Aoife Partington.

What is Matt Hardy's nickname?

It's from his old gimmik. It makes a V and 1, referring to Matt Hardy Version 1. I think the gimmik developed after he stopped partnering with Jeff.

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Peter Daniels. Lives in Nashua NH. Friend him on Facebook

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i am her biggest fan!!

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Leah benton is the n.o 1 fan!!!!

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Their parents.