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The character of Harvey Dent does not make an appearance in Batman Returns.

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Q: Who plays Harvey Dent in Batman Returns?
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What batman movie had Harvey dent?

The Dark Knight

Who played two face in batman?

when you say batman, if your talking about the dark knight then the actor who plays Harvey dent aka two face is aaron eckhart

Who does Batman fight in the second Batman film?

The Joker and Two Face A.K.A Harvey Dent

Who did Billy Dee Williams play in the 1989 movie Batman?

Harvey Dent

What is the real name of the character known as two face in the batman comic?

The real name of the character known as Two-Face in the Batman comics is Harvey Dent. Harvey Dent was a former district attorney of Gotham City who later becomes the criminal Two-Face after half of his face is scarred in a violent attack.

Does batman give himself up in the movie dark knights?

no he almost did but then Harvey dent said that he was batman to help capture the joker

Who is Harvey Dent?

Harvey Dent is the Gotham City District Attorney in the Batman comics. He later becomes the villain Two-Face after being deformed by acid.

Who died to make batman upset in the dark knight rises?

Rachel dawes. or harvey dent-sort of

What is the Dark Knight song when batman is trying to save rachel and Harvey dent?

The song is called Agent of Chaos

Was two face in batman begins?

No, Two-Face did not appear in Batman Begins. Two-Face, also known as Harvey Dent, is featured in The Dark Knight, the sequel to Batman Begins.

In The Dark Knight does the Joker lie to Batman on the where abouts he has captured Rachel and Harvey Dent Batman tells the police he is going to save Rachel but arrives at Harvey Dents rescue.?

yeas he thought that batman would go after rachel. so he said that Harvey was at 200 50 52nd street and rachel was at avenue x at cicero.

Is Harvey Dent a hero?

he is my sex heroHarvey Dent has had a couple of origins over the course of the Batman history.When he first appear he was a truck driver. He was hauling dangerous chemical and had a accident. Ended up laying on his side in a puddle of the stuff - so his whole body was half and half.Later on Harvey Dent was a prosecutor for the city who got acid thrown in his face.After this he became one of batman's more serious foes.