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Within the Batman franchise, Two Face "Harvey Dent" is mutilated due to plastic surgery done wrong, and he continues to terrorise Gotham as part of the cities huge crime scene. In the film "The Dark Knight" Two Face is not killed in the film, however director Christopher Nolan has expressed in talks with the cast, that "Two Face" had died.

However with the untimely death of Heath Ledger, it may be that Nolan has to draw on the Two Face story line if he wants to continue the series.

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Two-Face (Harvey Dent) did die in Batman Forever if you watch Batman and Robin they talk about Two-Face's death.

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yes they had a funeral at the end

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Q: Does two face die in the dark knight?
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Why is batman called the dark knight?

A Dark Knight is someone who doesnt care about being seen as a big hero, and doesnt care about being looked up to and loved, it is someone who doesnt really do the RIGHT thing, but the thing the must be done to keep poeples hope and faith. like in the Dark Knight movie, at the end where Harvey (two face), kills all them people, even though thousands of civilians look up to him as a hero. so Batman takes the blame for the killings at the end, he doesnt care about being looked up to, he takes the blame to keep the peoples faith in Harvey, so they wont know the terrible things he did. this is what makes him a Dark Knight, he took the blame for someone elses mistakes, just so people dont loose hope in a great person who went bad. hope you understand that!

Is Nolan Batman and Arkham Batman The Same Batman?

Yes. Batman: Arkham Asylum and Batman: Arkham City take place after The Dark Knight Rises.

What order should you watch the batman movies in?

the live-action movies are as follows: Batman, Batman Returns, Batman Forever, Batman and Robin, Batman Begins, The Dark Knight, and The Dark Knight Rises

Who is the main protagonist in The Dark Knight?

The protagonist in The Dark Knight is surprisingly the Joker. He is still the villain but if you observe closely he has an agenda and Batman's only goal is to stop him. This would put the Joker as the film's protagonist and Batman as the antagonist. This similar style of a villain based protagonist can be seen in Bram Stoker's novel "Dracula" where the vampire count is the protagonist and "good-guy" vampire slayer Van Helsing is the antagonist, simply attempting to put an end to vampires deeds.

What was the tagline for The Joker in the first batman movie?

Well at the end of the movie, Batman had just killed Harvey after Harvey went and turned into two face. Batman saved Gordan's son from Harvey, and told Gordon to pin it all on him to prevent Gotham going into anarchy. So, Gordan calls the command in, and everyone started chasing him. When Gordan's son asks him why he's running Gordan tells his son this: "Because he can take it. He's the hero that Gotham deserves, but not the hero that Gotham needs right now. He's a silent guardian, a protector of the city. The dark knight."

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Did Harvey dent aka the two - face died in the end of movie of christopher nolan the dark knight or not?

Christopher Nolan has gone on the record that Harvey Dent/Two-Face did die at the end of The Dark Knight.

Is Two-Face going to be in the sequel to the Dark Knight?


Is two-face dead in the dark knight?

Yes two face is dead and will not come back

Who did Aaron Eckhart play in 'The Dark Knight'?


Who was the villain in 'The Dark Knight'?

There was 2 villains The Joker and Two-Face.

Who is batman in the dark knight?

Harvey (aka) Two Face and mainly The Joker.

In the movie the dark knight what did the boys at the police station use to call Harvey dent?

two face

Who played two face in batman?

when you say batman, if your talking about the dark knight then the actor who plays Harvey dent aka two face is aaron eckhart

Does two face exist?

no but in the dark knight he was batman's enemy and tried to kill him because his face was burned by gasoline and fire when he was tied to a chair.

Did two-face die in the movie dark night?


When does Harvey dent become two face in the dark knight?

Half of Harvey's face was burnt when the warehouse he was in blew up. He called himself two face because when he was at Internal Affairs, his nickname was apperantly Two Face- Harvey.

Was two face in batman begins?

No, Two-Face did not appear in Batman Begins. Two-Face, also known as Harvey Dent, is featured in The Dark Knight, the sequel to Batman Begins.