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Q: Who plays Claudia in the babysitters club movie?
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Who are the four main people in the babysitters club books?

Kristy Claudia Stacey and Mary Anne

Who plays kristy in the babysitters club?

kristys the person

What are the names of the members babysitters club books?

the names of the members of the babysitters club are: -kristy thomas -mary-anne spier -mallory pike -claudia kishi -stacey mcgill and jessica ramsey

In the movie the Babysitters Club what was Jessie's moto?

"Why Walk When You Can Dance!" was Jessi's moto in BSC: The Baby-Sitters Club Movie.

Who is the actrees who plays Mary Anne in the Babysitters Club?

The actress is Rachael Leigh Cook.

Where can you find the Babysitters Club movie NOW?

any movie store, just ask the people if they have the movie and chances are they do.

Who is claudia kishi?

She is off the Babysitters Club. She is Asian with jet black hair, almond brown eyes, not doing to well in school, and an amazing artist.

Where can you watch the Babysitters Club movie with no viruses?

Try searching on google. Try searching on google.

Who was in the movie the babysitters club?

Starring:Brook Adams & Bre Blair Starring:Brook Adams & Bre Blair

Who or Does Ann M Martin still write the babysitters club books?

Ann M. Martin does write the babysitters club books

Is the babysitters club a real club?

No, it is just a made up club by the author.

what is best movie club?

There is no best movie club because everyone has very different oppinios in life if i say i liked the babysitters club someone else could dislike it but try various optios and find out which one best fits your likings