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Q: Who plays Carol in the Saddle Club?
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Who is Victoria in the saddle club?

Victoria plays Carol in the saddle club Full name: Carole Hanson

What is carol from the saddle club's last name?


In the saddle club who got hit by a train?

Jessie Jacobs (plays Melanie in the saddle club)

What is carol's real name out of the saddle club?

Keenan Mac William

Who plays Phil in saddle club?

Glenn Meldrum plays Phil in series 1 and 2 in the Saddle Club. Cosmo Feltham plays Phil in series 3.

What are the people called in saddle club?

there is carol, lisa, stevie, kristy, veronica, max, debra

Who plays Carole Hanson in the saddle club?

Keenan MacWilliam

Who plays Rafael in the saddle club?

It's Damien Bodie

Can you have a Quiz about the saddle club?

they is on the saddle club web. they is on the saddle club web.

Who plays Raphael in the Saddle Club series 2?

Raphael is played by Damion Brodie

Who is keenan mcwilliam?

20 year old girl who plays Carole in the SADDLE CLUB

Who is the saddle club member who died?

Jesseca Jacobs who plays the role of Melanie sadly died.