Who played the mom on lassie?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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June Lockhart, who as far as I know is still alive. She also played the mother character on Lost In Space.

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Q: Who played the mom on lassie?
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What movie and television projects has Pal been in?

Pal has: Played Lassie in "Lassie Come Home" in 1943. Played Bill aka Duke in "Courage of Lassie" in 1946. Played Larry in "My Brother Talks to Horses" in 1947. Played Lassie in "Hills of Home" in 1948. Played Lassie in "Challenge to Lassie" in 1949. Played Lassie in "The Sun Comes Up" in 1949. Played Shep in "The Painted Hills" in 1951. Played Lassie in "Lassie" in 1954. Played Lassie in "50 Greatest TV Animals" in 2003.

What movie and television projects has Linda Wrather been in?

Linda Wrather has: Played Easter in "The Lone Ranger" in 1949. Played Willie Brewster in "Lassie" in 1954. Played Wilhemina Brewster in "Lassie" in 1954. Played Willy Brewster in "Lassie" in 1954. Played herself in "The Story of Lassie" in 1994.

What movie and television projects has Max the Dog been in?

Max the Dog has: Played himself in "Something Wild" in 1986. Played Grendel in "thirtysomething" in 1987. Played Howard the Dog in "Family Matters" in 1989. Performed in "Life Support" in 2001. Played himself in "Animal Precinct" in 2001.

How many dogs has played LASSIE?

Over the course of the character of Lassie's long standing decades in film, over seven types of collie bred dogs have played the role of Lassie since 1943. She was originally played by a collie named in Pal in 1943 and Pal played Lassie from six films all the way up until 1950. Pal's descendants continue to play Lassie in current and future interpretations of the Lassie character.

What actress played the role of Phylis on Rhoda?

Cloris Leachman played Phyillis on "Rhoda" and "The Mary Tyler Moore Show". She also was the first mom on the original "Lassie" show with Tommy Rettig.

What date did lassie die?

The original dog that played the "Lassie" character, was named Pal and he died in 1958. There have been many Lassie's since then.

On TVs lassie did six different dogs play lassie?

yes Lassie was played by 6 different dogs and they were all males.

Has lassie always been played by a female dog?

yes,a female Border Collie has always played lassie.

June played mother in TV's Lassie?

June Lockhart

When is Lassie's birthday celebrated?

To date there have been ten Lassies with ten different birthdays. The first Lassie, from the 1943 Movie, "Lassie, Come Home," (played by "Pal") was born June 4, 1940.

Did a boy border collie play lassie?

Yes, it's true. Lassie was played by a boy dog. Lassie was a male, but not a border collie..He was a collie..

Who owns Pal the dog who played lassie in 1943?

Rudd Weatheraxx