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Q: Who played renesmee when she grew up?
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Why doesn't Bella let edward touch renesmee?

she does let him............ how do you think renesmee got out Bella's belly - EDWARD picked renesmee up out of Bella's belly!!!!!!

How did Stephanie Meyer come up with the name Renesmee?

she squished renee and Esme together and got Renesmee.

Will there be a grown up renesmee in Breaking Dawn.?


Where can you see a picture of renesmee?

If you type in Google and then Images or just click on it and then type in Renesmee hundreds of pictures will come up. Trust me.

How do Charlie show his love to Renesmee?

charlie thinks that renesmee is going to be adopted by Bella and edward and he loves her. Renesmee loves charlie as well but can't use her powers arount charlie or he woiuld know somthing is up. Bella did not tell him that renesmee is her baby or that they are vampires

Who played newborn baby Renesmee Cullen in breaking dawn?

Mackenzie Foy

Who is playing renesme on Breaking Dawn?

Renesmee was played by actress Mackenzie Foy.

Does renesmee get kidnapped in breaking dawn part 2?

No, it was Bella who makes a back-up plan for Renesmee to survive and escape after the fight with the Volturi.

Where are the auditions for Renesmee and when and can children of 13-14 years doing auditioning?

idk for renesmee and 13-14 WHERE but i do know that the auditions are 13 and up

Who is the girl how plays renesmee when she grows up in the movie breaking dawn?

The actress that plays the role of renesmee carlie cullen is Mackenzie Foy.

What does Bella and edward do to prevent Jacob from being with renesmee?

They don't really do anything about it because they can't, really. Jacob imprinted on Renesmee, which is kind of like a stronger form of love at first sight. Bella is angry at Jacob when she first found out, but she and Edward grew to accept this.

Is grew up correct grammar?

Yes, 'grew up' is correct grammar. It is the past tense of 'grow up'. For example: 'His uncle grew up in Italy.' 'I thought you grew up in London.' 'I grew up very quickly after my mother died.'