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Rebecca Romijn-Stamos

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Q: Who played finch's wife on ''Just Shoot Me'' tv show?
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Who plays Mia gallow in just shoot you?

Well, technically the show was "Just Shoot Me" and the actress who played Maya Gallo was Laura San Giacomo

Which actress played Kit De Luca in Pretty Woman?

Laura San Giacomo, she also starred in the t.v show Just Shoot Me

What is the magazine on tv show 'just shoot me'?

Blush Magazine

When did the show Just Shoot Me start?

The show Just Shoot Me started in 1997. It was a popular show in the late 1990's and finally stopped in 2003. It ran for a total of seven seasons and won quite a few awards.

Who quit show business for Maya on just shoot me?

Ray Liotta

What is the name of a tv show that begins with the letter j?

"Just Shoot Me"

What Cheers star narrated a Just Shoot you Christmas show?

Kelsey Grammer

The television show just shoot you followed the staff of what fictional magazine?


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Is there a TV show beginning with the letter J?

Jerry Springer Show,Jackie Chan Adventures,Johnny Bravo, Just Shoot Me

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Just Shoot Me!, the Jerry springer show and the Jeremy Kyle show and Joe 90.

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