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Her name is Amy Garber.

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Q: Who played Katie on Chappelle's show mad real world skit?
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Who is Katie in Paranormal Activity?

Katie Featherston is her real name. Micah Sloat is also Micah's real name. The actors gave their characters their own real names to help perpetuate the illusion that the movie is real.

Who was the Girl in mad real world?

The girl in the Mad Real World skit from Chappelle's Show was Rashida Jones. She played the character of Katie in the skit.

Will Katie have boyfriend?

Eventually........get off the computer and voyage out into the real world.

Who plays Katie 's mom from Big Time Rush?

Katie from Big Time Rush's real name is Ciara Bravo.

What is Katie price's real age?

Katie is 34 years old.

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What is Katie hodgsons real name?

Katie hodgsons real name is Marrisa prisbilsky, i know it sounds funny but that's her real name,

What is Katie Robinson's real name?

Catherine Elizabeth Robinson is Katie Robinson's real name ~( randomer) x

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Who is Katie on Big Time Rush?

Katie's real name is Ciara Bravo.

Is Katie morag real?

Of course

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