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Q: Who played Fleck in iquit iCarly?
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What is iDiscover fleck and Dave about in iCarly?

It's the first part of iQuit iCarly, followed by iSplit Up.

What was iquit iCarly about?

Iquit icarly is about Carly and Sam meeting two other "Comedy Wizards", Fleck and Dave. Fleck and Dave try to make a new video about a new planet, Purple-ania, but Fleck paints Dave's Dad's car purple. Then they get in a fight. Carly and sam try to fix their problem, until they figure out that it connects in their life. Then they start to fight like Fleck in Dave. Finally, they learn from their mistakes.

How long is iquit iCarly?

iquit icarly is an hour long

On iCarly which episode is Carly going to almost fall?

It is called iQuit iCarly. It's about how Carly and Sam get into a fight after trying to help two boys named Fleck and Dave make a comedy video for a contest, and the two boys also fight.

Who plays Dave in iquit iCarly?

Joey Luthman plays Dave in iquit icarly

What happens in iquit iCarly?

iCarly is sent a video from two web comedians, Fleck and Dave. Carly and Sam agree to help them make a video for a contest. But when Fleck makes a major mistake, Carly takes Dave's side, while Sam takes Fleck's side. Soon, neither can stand to see the other. They attempt to do iCarly from different locations which doesn't work out and they end the iCarly.

What iCarly episode does Spencer get the ship?

iQuit iCarly

How long is iCarly?

iquit icarly is an hour long

Is iquit iCarly the last episode ever?

No "iQuit iCarly" is not the last iCarly episode the last iCarly episode is titled "iGoodbye" and it had premiered on November 23, 2012.

When is iquit iCarly coming out on DVD?

It already did.

When does iCarly Iquit come out on tv?

it already out.

When is iquit iCarly on in the UK?

19 aprill