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Custom track used for iCarly; Probably not available

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Q: Does anyone know the song played in icarly ihire an idiot when dey start dancin?
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Where can you watch iCarly ihire an idiot?

On TV!

What are the release dates for iCarly - 2007 iHire an Idiot 4-7?

iCarly - 2007 iHire an Idiot 4-7 was released on: USA: 12 February 2011

What is the name of the newest iCarly episode airing?

iHire An Idiot :)

When does the icarly episode ihire an idiot come out?

February 12, 2011

What is the next iCarly episode after iStart a Fan War?

iHire An Idiot or iParty With Victorious

Will Stacy from Zoey 101 be in another iCarly episode?

not that i know far she was in istart a fan war and ihire an idiot when she applied to be an intern for icarly. but no, i dot think so.

Is there going to be an new iCarly in 2011?

Of course! Some that I know of are iHire An Idiot, iPity The Nevel, and iParty With Victorious!

Will drake or josh guest star in iCarly?

drake is suposed to but not josh yes drake is going to be in the next upcoming icarly epsisode called I Hire An Idiot and he will play drake Parker but Josh is not going to be guest starring in icarly. The epsisode is due out in 2011.

What is a stubrag from iCarly?

A stub rag is a nice way to call someone an idiot.

Is there too much football on television?

no anyone who thinks that is an idiot

Is mirandia cosgrve making a new icarly in 2011?

Yes! The newest one coming out I believe is iHire An Idiot :) x♥x♥

Where can you watch iCarly IPity the nevel online?

Try TubePlus you can watch things for free on there :) I've just watched Ihire an idiot